Welcome to our exciting Ninja Warrior-inspired class, where the principles of parkour meet the challenges of an obstacle course designed to push your physical and mental limits. In this class, you'll unleash your inner ninja as you navigate a series of obstacles, incorporating elements of running, jumping, climbing, and agility training. Drawing inspiration from the popular Ninja Warrior competitions, this class not only builds strength, flexibility, and endurance but also cultivates the art of efficient movement and quick decision-making. Our Warrior classes offer a unique blend of parkour fundamentals and obstacle course excitement, providing a fun and empowering journey. Get ready to conquer challenges, break boundaries, and embrace the spirit of the ninja within you!

Students will be barefoot in this class. Wear flexible clothing for best experience.


$70 for Tiny Warrior 4 Week Session Membership

$95 for 4 Week Session Membership

Tiny Warriors

Ages 2-3

This 30 minute class lets toddlers participate in fun, active play with their guardians. Junior-sized equipment is arranged in a course so your littlest athletes can swing, roll, crawl, and climb in a safe environment, guided by an instructor. A parent/guardian is expected to participate with each child.

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Wee Warriors

Ages 4-5 

This action-packed class combines fun and fitness as we embark on exciting ninja adventures. Students will learn balance, coordination, and agility through imaginative games and obstacle courses. Safety is our top priority as our experienced instructors guide your child through Ninja Warrior style challenges, teaching them important skills while boosting their confidence.

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Warrior Level 1

Ages 6+

This high-energy, action-packed class is the perfect blend of fitness and fun. Our experienced instructors will teach your child the art of balance, agility, strength, and discipline through exciting stations, obstacle courses, and martial arts-inspired Tricking. They'll develop strength, coordination, and self-confidence while making friends and having a blast. Safety is our priority, ensuring your child has a positive and engaging experience.

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Warrior Level 2

The journey continues for young aspiring ninja warriors! Building upon the foundation laid in Level 1, this intermediate class is designed for kids who are eager to take their skills to new heights. In Level 2, participants will face even more challenging obstacles, refine their technique, and enhance their strength and endurance!

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Class Time Options


Level 1 - 12:00 PM

Tiny - 1:15 PM

Wee - 2:00 PM

Level 1 - 3:00 PM

Level 2 - 4:00 PM


Tiny - 10:15 AM

Wee - 11:00 AM

Level 1 - 12:00 PM

Level 2 - 1:00 PM


Tiny - 5:15 PM

Wee - 6:00 PM

Level 1 - 7:00 PM


Wee - 5:00 PM


Tiny - 4:30 PM

Wee - 5:10 PM

Level 1 - 6:10 PM

Meet Your Instructors!

Mike Atchley

Head Coach

Athlete, Mentor, Skateboarder, Artist, Dad: Just a few of the many titles that he holds with pride. If there is one thing about Coach Mike, it’s that he gives his all for what he loves. His passion for movement and fun carry over into his love for teaching and kids. His career as a profession movement instructor began in 2017. Where he worked up to running a gym in Fishers and becoming the instructional face and brain of a worldwide, youth movement company. Logan and Julia put in over a year’s worth of hard work and finally got him here at The Flow Space!

Parkour is his preferred discipline for sure, but Coach Mike takes on a more acrobatic and techy movement style that blends seamlessly with his background in skateboarding and martial arts. You can think of his “coaching persona” as that crazy uncle in charge of the kids at holiday parties mixed with a video-encyclopedia of seemingly random, yet surprisingly helpful, information. Before he found his calling, Coach Mike was a Lifeguard Instructor for the City of Indianapolis. He spent nearly 4 years teaching dozens of people how to save lives.

Find him on Instagram @fliphasaninstaham

and TikTok @fliphasatiktok

Nick Peet


Coach Nick has been a parkour athlete since 2010 and has been coaching parkour & ninja warrior since 2018. He holds several certifications including American Parkour Level 2 , USA Gymnastics, Ninja Sports International, & Parkour EDU.

Find him on Instagram @peetkour

Bailey Gray

Assistant Coach

Bailey Gray has been training parkour with The Flow Space team for three years and coaching here for a year. She has earned a certificate as a level 2 APK instructor.

Find her on Instagram @bailys_pklab

Nolan Wickett

Assistant Coach

Nolan has been practicing parkour since 2017. He began training at Hayden's Gym in Georgia and has been training with The Flow Space team for two years. He has been a coach since 2023.

Find him on Instagram @therealnolpole