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Day of Camp!

Ignite your child's passion for movement and excitement at our day camps! This unique camp offers an exhilarating blend of physical challenges, creative expression, and camaraderie within the exciting world of parkour. Under the guidance of skilled instructors, campers will explore the art of fluid movement, conquer thrilling obstacle courses, and unleash their creativity through parkour-inspired games. Our safe and supportive environment encourages personal growth, teamwork, and a deep appreciation for the joy of movement. Enroll your child in our camp for an unforgettable break filled with energy, new friendships, and the thrill of learning the art of parkour!

Drop off at 7:30 AM, pick up at 3 PM!

Ages 5-13.

Campers will enjoy fun days filled with games, activities, fitness, a movie, and more! Please bring lunch and a water bottle for your camper (we will provide a snack).


June 3rd-7th - Parkour

June 10th-14th - Minecraft Parkour

June 17th-21st - Ninja Warrior

June 24th-28th - Chase Tag

July 1st-5th - Parkour

July 8th-12th - Fortnite (NERF)

July 15th-19th - Flips & Tricks

July 22nd-26th - Olympics


Daily for Members - $50

Daily for Non-Members - $65

Full Week For Members - $200

Full Week For Non-Members - $260

Kids Night Out!

Unleash the excitement and let the adventure unfold at our Kids Night Out at The Flow Space! This special evening is tailored for young enthusiasts eager to experience the thrill of parkour in a fun and supervised environment. Under the guidance of our instructors, kids will conquer challenging obstacles, engage in exciting games, and foster friendships in a dynamic setting. It's an evening of laughter, movement, and discovery as our parkour gym transforms into a playground of creativity and excitement. Parents can enjoy a night off while their kids embrace the joy of movement and make lasting memories at our Kids Night Out!

This 3 hour event is sure to send your kid home tired.

Please bring a water bottle and athletic shoes for your kid we will provide a snack.




$20 for Members

$25 for Non-Members

Chase Tag Meetup!

Join us for the ultimate game of speed, strategy, and agility at our Chase Tag Meetup! Experience the exhilaration of competitive tag in a friendly and inclusive environment. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a curious newcomer, this meetup promises heart-pounding moments as you navigate through our make shift "Quad". Engage in thrilling chase sequences and showcase your parkour skills in a game that combines strategy and athleticism. Join the global community of chase tag enthusiasts and be part of an unforgettable meetup where every step counts.
Our meet ups are hosted by members of the world famous WCT team "APK Blue!" Come meet and train with professional athletes!




$10 for Youth

$15 for Adult