Flips and Tricks

A skill-based fusion of disciplines meticulously crafted around body control, strength, and spatial awareness. Combining aspects from Martial Arts Tricking and the flips of Parkour, this class is the perfect class for athletes looking to level up their skills.

Facilitated by experienced instructors, the class emphasizes personalized progression, creative expression, and a collaborative community, culminating in supervised freestyle sessions where participants transform their enviroment into canvases for their individual styles. Join us to defy gravity, push your limits, and unlock the next level of movement mastery in a supportive environment.


$95 for a 4 Week Session

Class Options


Ages 6-10 - 6:10 PM

Ages 11+ - 7:10 PM

Meet Your Instructor!

Mike Atchley

Head Coach

Athlete, Mentor, Skateboarder, Artist, Dad: Just a few of the many titles that he holds with pride. If there is one thing about Coach Mike, it’s that he gives his all for what he loves. His passion for movement and fun carry over into his love for teaching and kids. His career as a profession movement instructor began in 2017. Where he worked up to running a gym in Fishers and becoming the instructional face and brain of a worldwide, youth movement company. Logan and Julia put in over a year’s worth of hard work and finally got him here at The Flow Space!

Parkour is his preferred discipline for sure, but Coach Mike takes on a more acrobatic and techy movement style that blends seamlessly with his background in skateboarding and martial arts. You can think of his “coaching persona” as that crazy uncle in charge of the kids at holiday parties mixed with a video-encyclopedia of seemingly random, yet surprisingly helpful, information. Before he found his calling, Coach Mike was a Lifeguard Instructor for the City of Indianapolis. He spent nearly 4 years teaching dozens of people how to save lives.

Find him on Instagram @fliphasaninstaham

and Tiktok @fliphasatiktok