Host Your Birthday Party With Us!

  • Whole Gym Rental!

  • Free Time!

  • Party Room!

  • Games!

  • Guided Instruction!

  • Fun for all ages!

Celebrate Like a Ninja!

Celebrate your birthday with a day of adventure at our gym! Gather your friends for a dynamic and action-packed experience as you navigate through thrilling obstacle courses, conquer challenges, and unleash your inner Ninja. Our instructors/party facilitators will guide the group through a series of high-energy activities suitable for all skill levels, ensuring everyone has a blast. With the freedom to run, jump, and climb in a safe and controlled environment, this birthday celebration promises to be unforgettable. The party package includes personalized coaching, fun games, and, of course, time for freestyle exploration. Bring your party to new heights and make this birthday one to remember!

Parkour Party

Ages 6+

Celebrate in style as you and your friends experience the thrill of jumping, vaulting, scaling walls, and swinging through the air. Our experienced instructors will ensure everyone's safety while teaching exciting parkour techniques. It's a unique and action-packed way to create lasting memories. Reserve your birthday party today and let the fun begin!


Members - $200

Non-Members - $250

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Nerf Party

Ages 8+

Gear up for an epic birthday bash with our Nerf Party! Experience the ultimate fusion of Nerf battles and parkour thrills. Armed with Nerf blasters and safety gear, you and your friends will navigate dynamic courses and engage in crazy battles. Our experienced instructors ensures a safe and supervised environment, creating an unforgettable blend of action and celebration. Race through obstacles, conquer challenges, and make your birthday a Nerf adventure!


Members - $250

Non-Members $300

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Ninja Party

Embark on a ninja-themed birthday adventure at our gym! Our Ninja Party is the ultimate celebration for those who want to channel their inner warriors. With a mix of parkour challenges and ninja-inspired activities, your party-goers will experience an action-packed day filled with excitement. Our expert instructors will guide the group through dynamic obstacle courses, stealthy movements, and fun ninja games. Whether you're scaling walls or training the art of balance, this party promises an unforgettable and empowering experience for ninjas of all skill levels. So, gear up, embrace the ninja spirit, and make your birthday an epic journey!


Members - $200

Non-Members - $250

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Inflatable Bounce House Party

Ages 5 and Under

All the fun of our other parties with the addition of our inflatable bounce house/obstacle course!


Members - $400

Non-Members $450

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Party Times and Details


10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Party Details

You will receive 45 minutes of guided instruction, 45 minutes of free play and games, and 30 minutes in the party room for food and festivities.

You will get 15 minutes prior to your party for set up and 15 minutes after to clean up and be out.

Each party is allowed 15 guests. Contact us to request more guests.

Meet Your Instructors!

Mike Atchley

Head Coach

Athlete, Mentor, Skateboarder, Artist, Dad: Just a few of the many titles that he holds with pride. If there is one thing about Coach Mike, it’s that he gives his all for what he loves. His passion for movement and fun carry over into his love for teaching and kids. His career as a profession movement instructor began in 2017. Where he worked up to running a gym in Fishers and becoming the instructional face and brain of a worldwide, youth movement company. Logan and Julia put in over a year’s worth of hard work and finally got him here at The Flow Space!

Parkour is his preferred discipline for sure, but Coach Mike takes on a more acrobatic and techy movement style that blends seamlessly with his background in skateboarding and martial arts. You can think of his “coaching persona” as that crazy uncle in charge of the kids at holiday parties mixed with a video-encyclopedia of seemingly random, yet surprisingly helpful, information. Before he found his calling, Coach Mike was a Lifeguard Instructor for the City of Indianapolis. He spent nearly 4 years teaching dozens of people how to save lives.

Nick Peet


Coach Nick has been a parkour athlete since 2010 and has been coaching parkour & ninja warrior since 2018. He holds several certifications including American Parkour Lv 2 , USA Gymnastics, Ninja Sports International, & Parkour EDU just to name a few.

Bailey Gray

Assistant Coach

Bailey has been training parkour at The Flow Space for three years and coaching here for a year. She has earned a certificate as a level 2 APK instructor.

Nolan Wickett

Assistant Coach

Nolan has been practicing parkour since 2017. He began training at Hayden's Gym in Georgia and has been training with The Flow Space team for two years. He has been a coach since 2023.