Welcome to The Flow Space!

In the vastness of space, the most ominous aspect is the unknown. The same is true when it comes to movement. Fear is one of the hardest obstacles to conquer and parkour is our method to breaking through on the mental, physical, and spiritual planes. When the mind, body, and soul work as one, nothing is impossible!

As a movement center, we welcome all disciplines, but specialize in parkour. Whether you’re just wanting to find a new and fun way to exercise, or start your journey into the world of professional athleticism, The Flow Space has something for everyone. Come learn to see the universe through new eyes and play accordingly.



The flow state, also known as being "in the zone," refers to a psychological state of optimal experience where an individual is fully immersed and deeply engaged in an activity. The flow state is characterized by a heightened sense of focus, complete absorption in the present moment, and a feeling of effortless control. When in the flow, individuals often lose track of time and experience a sense of intrinsic motivation.

At The Flow Space we provide a space for our students to find their flow. We use various movement disciplines as a catalyst for students to experience the flow state. Negotiating challenges in real-time provides immediate feedback, fostering a sense of mastery and control. The structured yet ever-changing environment sets clear goals, while the spontaneous nature of parkour prompts an immersive engagement with the present moment. As students navigate these challenges, they enter a state of flow, characterized by heightened concentration, intrinsic motivation, and a deep sense of accomplishment.

What We Offer

  • Parkour

  • Tricking

  • Warrior

  • Tumbling

  • Open Gym

  • Birthday Parties

  • Day Camps

  • Competitions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Memberships Work?

Our memberships recur monthly and can be cancelled at any time.

Our most common model is the 4 Week Session membership ($95 for 4 classes). This membership gets you access to 4 classes in a month. Most clients choose the same class per week as a recurring registration. However, one may also pick and choose different classes of their level throughout the month based on their schedule.

We offer 10% off discounted memberships to our clients that have siblings in classes or students who wish to take 8 or more classes per month. Contact us if you wish to gain access to this discount!

Our classes for students ages 2-3 require a guardian to participate and are 30 minutes long. Memberships for these classes work the same, but are $70 per month.

If you are unable to make it to a scheduled class, please email frontdesk@theflowspacecenter.com to book your makeup.

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What to Bring to Class?

  • All students should come prepared for a good work out and a good time!

  • Always bring a water bottle!

  • Tumbling and Warrior students will be barefoot in class.

  • Parkour students must wear athletic shoes.

  • Tumblers should wear a leotard or tight fitting clothing for coaches safety in spotting techniques.

  • Warrior and Parkour students should wear clothing that is flexible and easy to move in.

  • Ears to listen and minds to work!

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Is Parkour Safe?

Parkour, like any physical activity, comes with inherent risks. However, engaging in parkour not only hones physical abilities but also imparts valuable risk management skills. Through structured training, practitioners learn to assess potential risks, make informed decisions, and adapt to dynamic environments. Parkour instills a heightened sense of situational awareness, enabling individuals to navigate challenges safely and confidently. This skill set extends beyond the practice itself, influencing a mindset that emphasizes calculated risks and responsible decision-making in various aspects of life. In essence, parkour serves as a unique and effective platform for cultivating essential risk management skills that are transferable to both physical activities and everyday situations.

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